Monday, April 15, 2002

9/11 Blook

Thanks very much to Max for inviting me onto this site. I should first say that Andrew Sullivan isn't "on board," yet - I sent him an inquiry this morning, but with his rehearsal schedule and whatnot, I haven't heard back. But with Matt Welch, Ken Layne, Glenn Reynolds, Jeff Jarvis, Max, Asparagirl, etc (and a good agent) already in the mix, this can't fail.

I agree that the best approach would be for bloggers to send in their favorite 9/11-related (or aftermath, any connection is fine) essays/blogs and then we'll just peer review them. I think Glenn should get the final say, since everyone knows and respects him, and he gets a shitload of traffic. We'd love for Andrew to write an intro/outro/prologue/conlogue/whatever.

Max has nominated a charity, but we are still open to suggestion as to where the vast dinero will flow. We will dictate global policy based upon our largesse! Please tell your bloggy friends. Let the candidate essay/blogs flow!