Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Sorry For the Delay

PLEASE ALLOW MAX AND I TO ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY CONFUSION AND ALLOW ME TO RESTATE OUR PURPOSE AND PLANS NOW: We are accepting nominations from ANY AND ALL BLOGGERS for posts that relate in any way to September 11 and its aftermath for inclusion in a book which will present the best of blogger's work in this regard to the world. Proceeds will go to charity. We are looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-100 individual essays. We have around 100 nominations already and are trying to get through them.

We will post the third round of nominations on the book site shortly and we apologize for the delay. There is still time to make your recommendations: just send the URL of your nominated post/essay/blog to Max Power at safblog@yahoo.com We are looking for the best possible writing, not the work of the most popular and/or most heavily visited bloggers. The work will stand on its own. Glenn Reynolds will make the final decisions after all the nominations have been posted and you all have had time to make your comments, suggestions, etc.

After the essays are compiled, we will need ALL of your help in getting the word out about the book. The object is to represent the best work of the blogger community to the world, and give the proceeds to a good cause - that's it. Thanks for your support.