Monday, June 10, 2002

Another Big Step Forward

We are elated about the positive coverage of the book by David Gallagher in today's NY Times Business section, titled "A Rift Among Bloggers." There doesn't turn out to be all that much of a rift, but we sure are happy about the coverage. We are trying to wrap up nominations shorty, but please feel free to nominate any post by any blogger that has any bearing on 9/11 or ITS AFTERMATH. Thanks for your interest.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Enough Controversy

The notion that bloggers are divided into camps is simplistic and ill-serving. Certainly there are those who are bunched toward the ends of the continuum; but the vast majority, including myself, span many interests and approaches. This is not a "warblogger" book, this is a book about war by bloggers.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002


from EPN, even if it makes my September 11 television-watching sound a bit more dramatic than it was.

Saturday, June 01, 2002


And don't forget the first and second rounds of nominations. There was a good conversation with a publisher recently, and we're optimistic.

Expanded Jeff Jarvis and sermon.

Dave Winer's September 11 page was nominated. Dave Winer is, of course, one of the original bloggers, and his page is a model of useful information, but one can see why it wouldn't translate particularly well to the printed page. One of the tragedies of the eventual book is that the people like Dave Winer and Tony Pierce who do the most to take advantage of the hyper-dimensional nature of the Internet medium are the ones least able to be translated into print.

Sarah Bunting.

Neill Hamilton.

Jami Attenberg: September 11, September 12, September 13.

100 words.

Claude Scales.

Paul Frankenstein, (scroll down for September 11-18).

Andrew Glasser.

Arthur Stock.

Nick Mark.

The Fray, September 14-15 (Cato and Yukon).

Reid Stott.

Thrasymachus, September 13.

Bjorn Staerk.

Johnson, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

There's a September 24 post from Susanna Cornett that I made a note I wanted to nominate, but her archives appear to be down. Jason Soon also got nominations for posts made in December, but his archives appear to be down, also.

Den Beste, October 4, October 11, April 6.

Donald Sensing.

Matt Welch (but see Tom Tomorrow).

Oliver Willis (but surely there's a counter-nomination out there?)

Glenn Frazier.

Last Page.

Jay Caruso.

Jane Galt (April 23 -- archive is munged).