Monday, April 15, 2002

Nominate the Work of Others

I took this on because Matt Welch indicated that there was this great idea sitting around that would die unless someone picked up the cudgel, and I'm never one to resist mixing metaphors. It turns out that Eric Olsen of Tres Producers has already gotten an agent and Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Reynolds aboard. I've given him co-admin status to this blog and, realistically, he'll probably end up taking the lead on things.

I had thought about just asking bloggers to nominate their own work, but Matt Welch suggests that it would be more interesting to get people to nominate others' work. Well, we're certainly not going to turn down nominations: people are sending them in, and I hope we get more before we start spamming bloggers. My only concern is the chance we end up with 40 pieces by Lileks and ten by everyone else, but I'm quickly learning how deep the blogging talent pool is beyond the dozen I regularly read and the several dozen I check in on once in a while.