Sunday, April 21, 2002

Lots of Suggestions

This will not be a complete list, but just an initial sampling (nominations through the afternoon of April 16). Keep nominating (including authors named here if there are other writings that are missed--I know there's more out there from, inter alia, Reynolds, Lileks, and Den Beste), please don't be offended if I haven't gotten to your e-mail yet, and please don't be offended if I haven't had (or won't have) the chance to acknowledge your e-mails personally. (I never thought when I first got into blogging that I'd be blowing off e-mails from so many writers I respect.)

A request, though: please include the entire link in your e-mail.

Keep in mind that we don't have clearances or permissions from all of these people. The fact that a post has been nominated does not mean that the author of the post has agreed to be in the book, or has endorsed the project in any way.

A lot of people have suggested Jason Kottke's September 11 post. This will come in handy as source material (though a lot of links are dead, or link to copyrighted material by professional organizations), and I certainly remember reading that page on September 11 as I searched for information on the Web.

Brian Bernstein

Tristin Laughter.

Jeff Jarvis; and here; and here; and here (scroll down).

Last Page.

Jonathan Wishnia.

Tama Starr and Virginia Postrel on September 12 and September 13.

John Scalzi.

Lileks, September 13.

Andrew Sullivan, September 16.

Selections from Lane McFadden and his defense of the flag.

Bjørn Stærk; also this.

In a perfect world, where we could do a CD and costlessly get all the photographers of the world to donate their work, I'd love to use Tony Pierce's Dear Kids of Afghanistan and Dear Terrorists. The real problem is going to be getting the legal rights to use all of those photos--the Rev. Pierce is unique among bloggers the way he does photo-essays, and too much is lost without them. We'll probably have to let it go. A shame, because it would be such a clear refutation of the faux controversy around the selection process.

Steven Ovadia.

Gabrielle Taylor.

Rand Simberg's "Media Casualties Mount".

A non-blog piece by Glenn Reynolds.

Steven Den Beste.

Moira Breen's "A High Wind In The Isles".

Stephen Green.

Martin Devon.

Me, I'm off to find a route downtown that isn't blocked by anti-WTO protestors. Have a good weekend, everyone.